Friday, June 26, 2009

Learning Spanish

Going to Costa Rica Soon. Maybe this will help?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's been a while since I've written.. way too long to be exact but i need to start it up again. School was going well this semester, grades wise it was the best grades I have ever received in school period. I did exceedingly well even though I was pretty much stressed all the time. Funny part was that I wasn't stressing about school. Semester is over and I'm still stressed, having trouble sleeping here and there, but things will get better.
I'm going to Mexico this summer which is so exciting. I'm studying at a school called la Universidad de las Americas Puebla. It's in Cholula, Mexico. It's a small world because I actually met someone on a rosetta stone application that was trying to learn english, and i'm learning spanish and we have been talking for about half a year now and it turns out that she is from Cholula, the same place I will be studying and living for 6 weeks. It's crazy because I was planning on going to Spain or Argentina, and it ended up that Mexico was the right fit, and only after I told her that I was going to Mexico did we find out that she lives in the same small town. Bizarre. We talked a lot last night and she helped me out with a few things and restored my feeling to at ease for the moment. It's great to practice my spanish with her, it helps a ton.

Music-wise nothing has changed. I'm still playing the same ol stuff. I've been trying to get into jazz guitar recently. That's why I recommend the Listener Supported version of Warehouse. It has a jazzy feel to it, and next song I pick will be a real jazzy one :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Man with the Red Briefcase

So I was on Church Street the other day. A very happening place. I was visiting my friend who was playing guitar there, who actually made like $50 which was sick. Anyways a couple of us are hanging out and a man walks by handcuffed to a red Suitcase.
What the Hell.
I was going to ask him why he was handcuffed to a suitcase but I didn't feel like getting stabbed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like a Stone

So the year is going well here in VT. My classes are good and I'm doing dandy. My grades are awesome so far, I just need to keep it up. I'm learning Japanese which is pretty friggen sweet. And I'm playing so much more guitar than I did in the summer.
Lately I have been listening to Audioslave which is what I am talking about today. Like a stone, one of my favorite songs. The thing about Audioslave is I like every song they have ever come out with which - it is very hard to find a band in which you love every song they have. The only other two bands that have ever done that for me have been Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews.

Like a Stone

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Road Trip in a Burning Room

So tomorrow after classes I'm jumping in my car and traveling to Babson, about 4 hours away to see my girlfriend. Long trip but obviously well worth it. Luckily I got my itrip in time so I can listen to some music on the way, in the middle of NH, where all I can hear is white noise or country (sorry country fans- no hard feelings I hope).

John Mayer - a fantastic entertainer and musician. The song I want to recognize is also a song I am re-learning which is Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. Listen to it! It's got great lyrics but an even better beat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Company is blooming, Yes!

So I'm pretty excited because I'm still becoming sponsored by more and more companies. I received in the mail today five awesome canteens from Klean Kanteen. Check em out, awesome water bottle company. It's important to buy waterbottles that are BPA free for environmental reasons as well as health safety reasons.

GSI Outdoors, awesome company that makes outdoor camping products. They have a lot of kitchenware for camping and hiking.

ULU boots sent me some really nice women's boots. Retailed at $150. Sweet!
Found at:

So completely unrelated, I would like to direct this one-sided converstation to music, the purpose of this blog. One song that I really was drawn to which is pretty rad, I saw it in concert and I learned it on guitar also is the song Yes by Coldplay. It's a very good song, I really only love the beginning and not the second part of the song after like 4 minutes is over. But it's great. Coldplay is a great band. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Malaysian Prison

So things are going pretty well here in Burlington VT. It's a happening place. My tuning company is going pretty well, i'm still receiving products from sponsors and stuff i'm going to raffle off which is pretty awesome. I have roughly a little under $2000 in merchandise that i'm going to simply just give away at the end of the semester. I'm super excited. Hopefully it will be a good business learning experience. Not to mention that I'm going to be getting a supreme co-op with this company called Olukai. Awesome company, not only for the reason that they are working with me but because their product and mission kicks ass. It reminds me of Jack Johnson, mainly because it is based out of hawaii and it's a high quality sandal company. Very surf-like. I like that.

Well today in the mail I recieved "Stack Footy" the progressive snowboarding DVD from Think Thank productions. stolked about that. I also received a nice sweatshirt from Crankbrothers, a cycling company. They produce road bike parts and accessories which is also very cool because i'm big into biking.

So that leads me into something completely non-related. Malaysian prisons. Now I saw this for the first time last night and it might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. A coreographed dance, thriller, by Michael Jackson, in a prison. Not only that- I believe that they hold the largest coreographed dance session world record. Now despite what you may think, this is not a gag or gimmick, this is totally legitimate...
Check it out-